I’m an editor and I’ve been edited. I know what it feels like to be handed a draft, or a photo, or a project outline that is the right one for the job. I know the joy that can come from having all the permissions in hand before the deadline. I know that being addressed professionally with diplomacy and understanding is, if nothing else, kind of nice. And I know that clients want solutions.

I have three decades of editorial experience ranging from project development and acquisition, to substantive editing, to authorship. I’ve developed projects for use in school and college instruction. I’ve contributed articles on topics ranging from paediatric health to old-time music to ParentsCanada, CBC Kids, Kayak, Comfort Life, Our Kids Private School Guide, Our Kids Camp and Program Guide, Penguin Eggs, Sing Out!, KDHX radio (St. Louis, MO). Clients include Pearson Education, Houghton Mifflin, McMaster Children’s Hospital, and McMaster University, and the American Songcatcher podcast.

I am currently a staff writer with Our Kids Media, and editor of the annual camp and program guide, circulated nationally in the fall and winter.

I am executive director of the Grenadines Initiative, a charity registered in Canada to increase access to education and social programs in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


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