“Thank you so much for this very well-written, thoughtfully conceived and frankly, beautiful, piece. Cris, our colleague Emily (who oversees our marketing), and I were all so impressed by it … [it] captures Branksome’s differentiating strengths while also being a really wonderful read – bravo! In particular, we felt that you captured the strong feminist history of the school so intuitively and aptly.”
—Liisa Stephenson, Associate Director, Communications, Branksome Hall

“First of all  – Thank you! It was great to read the Our Kids review and to see what an outside set of eyes sees. It removes the marketing and jargon and cuts to the quick! Thank you. Also, you nailed it! You understood the essence of who we are, the distinctiveness of our program, and the unique nature of our branch of independent schools. WOW!”
—D. Paul Branan, CCNL, Advancement/Development Director, Woodland Christian High School

“You are gifted with the pen. It’s great! It really captures our culture.”
—Anthony Westenberg, Manager, Marketing & Communications, The York School

“Your reviews are a rare blend of well-written, thoughtful, and informed!”
—Chris Coole

“ … thank you so much. It’s great!”
—Heather McCall, Admission Marketing & Communications Manager, Upper Canada College

“The book is amazing. Glen did great work – he is gold.”
—David McBride, Vice Principal of Enrolment Management, Upper Canada College

“I really loved it. It’s so easy to forget why we do this, and this reminded me why I’m here and why we do what we do.”
—Giselle Fernandes, Holy Name of Mary College School   

“I am really pleased with the review!!”
—Teralee Brunn, Sunnybrook School

“Thanks so much for your work on the Penguin Eggs article. I’m so often feel like when I read back an interview, that either I didn’t get myself across or the writer missed the point of what I was saying. In this case I was thrilled all around. I really appreciate your work and skill.”
—Chris Coole, The Lonesome Ace Stringband 

“ … it’s an exceptional article. It’s exceptionally well done.”
—Allan Spaan, CFO, Robert Land Academy

“… we are thrilled with the feature review … The review feels authentic and I am so pleased to see what we believe about ourselves is reflected here.”
—Marianne Matthews, Director of Communications & Marketing, St. John’s-Kilmarnock

“I have had AMAZING feedback on the article to date. Thanks for the great work you do for our schools, Glen.”
—Kathy LaBranche, Director of Admissions, Trinity College School

“Great piece Glen. You gave a fantastic perspective on the school.”
—Doug Deschner, parent of Robert Land Academy

“Just received your review of my album from Sing Out HQ … it is very gratifying to read a review where the author totally gets the point of the whole thing…..!”
—Nick Hornbuckle

” …  thank you for taking the time to learn about our work and write such a thoughtful and insightful review.”
— Joe Seamons

“Absolutely love it!!! It’s always so refreshing to read an article by a journalist who really cares to get it right!!!:):):)”
—Sarah Jarosz’ mom

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful story. It was one of the best I’ve ever had done about me and my music. I could tell from the interview that you were familiar with my guitar playing and I certainly appreciate that. It was truly a fine piece of work.”
—James Alan Shelton of Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys

“I’ve had a lot of reviews over the years, but this one goes in my keeper file. What really validated it for me was that you made no bones about not really caring for my previous projects. So, when you said you liked this one it rang true. I truly appreciate you taking the time to put forward your thoughts with such an obvious knowledge of the music. Well written and done with intelligence. I am impressed. Some reviewers don’t handle language as well as you do and don’t take the time to get inside what is going on.”
–Steve Spurgin, responding to my KDHX radio review of his album Folk Remedies

“I’ve read so much of your writing that I feel like I know you. I really enjoy your writing. You have developed a knack for saying exactly what needs to be said to put an artist’s music in context. Everything of yours I’ve read had helped me to understand and appreciate an artist more fully. Always pleased to see one of your pieced on the KDHX site. Just wanted to say thanks for all the great writing, which reflects good, sound thinking.”
–Keith Dudding, host of Down Yonder on KDHX Radio, St. Louis

“Glen Herbert is a gem! His reviews are spot on, well written and, best of all … he’s prolific.”
–Lynn Lipton, Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association

“Glen Herbert’s energetic and meticulous approach to the project was evident from beginning to end. Visually and linguistically, this book owes much to his exemplary skills as a developmental editor.”
–Robert J. Brym, from the preface New Society: Sociology for the 21st Century,
4th ed. (Toronto: Nelson)

“Glen Herbert attended to the development of the edition and I am grateful for his guidance and support throughout the project.”
–Tara Burke, from the preface to Social Psychology,
1st Cdn. ed. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin)

“We are especially grateful to Glen Herbert for [his] consummate professionalism, constant good humour, and patient readiness to indulge requests for Luddite-friendly file formats and last-minute changes to incorporate just-released census data.”
–Adie Nelson, from the preface to Mooney, Knox, Schacht, Nelson,
Understanding Social Problems, 2nd Cdn. ed. (Toronto: Nelson)

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