The Wailin Jennys, “Fifteen”

The+Wailin'+Jennys+-+'Fifteen'+-+cover+(300dpi)_preview.jpgThe Wailin Jennys is one of those groups that causes lots of people to fall all over themselves with praise. And they’re absolutely right to. Truly, you can’t say enough good things about them. It starts here: “One Voice.” Their latest release will cause lots of praise too, just as it should. When I heard that they were doing a collection of cover songs, I’ll admit to feeling a bit disappointed. Sometimes covers are the things that people do when they are feeling a bit at sea. Not so with Fifteen. The songs here don’t all announce themselves as covers, which is part of the project. They’ve really brought their considerable powers of arrangement to these, and have chosen the tunes so well, that the project doesn’t feel like the presentation of other people’s work, but rather their work. That they do “Boulder to Birmingham” is itself a master stroke, and is masterfully done. “Loves Me Like a Rock” is a bit of a highwire act. It’s like they’re taking it on for the challenge it presents. “Think we can’t bring something new to this chestnut?” Think again. It brings shivers. The whole album does. I’m tempted to fall all over myself with praise, but better is just for you to listen to the work. You simply must. Crikey, these women are a national treasure, and this album just confirms it.


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