Everything starts with a breath

Sonya Scodellaro, marketing manager with Geox Canada, admits that it’s been an interesting year, particularly around order fulfillment and the growth in online sales. “We’ve really seen the demographic come down in age,” she says. “We’re seeing those young moms and dads—from that 25 to 34 age-range—as the largest share of our audience online, and we’re seeing them purchase our junior products.”

Given that the company was founded in 1995, they were the first generation of kids in Canada to wear Geox. Scodellaro senses that there might be a bit of nostalgia there—to give to their kids the things they appreciated in their youth. But there are other things, too. When I ask her what she feels is the greatest asset of the company, she answers without a pause. “Trust with parents. Trust in the brand and the quality that we offer. We have a history of offering products that contribute to well-being. That’s really the ethos of the company—quality materials, advanced technology.”

The attention to quality has been a hallmark of the company since the beginning, when founder Mario Moretti Polegato patented the breathable sole, an aspect of all the product lines that remains today. “He was a visionary, the man with the big ideas,” she says. The design was inspired by his experience on a hiking trip in Nevada. He was looking for comfort, quality, with an eye to the journey ahead. “He has always put a true focus on his idea of searching for advanced technologies, one that enhances our products.” There have been other advances along the way, including a removable footbed. Materials—leather throughout the upper and interior lining, non-marking soles—continue the theme.

All of those things, as well as the various lines and a responsiveness to the demands of the education market, are the reasons why Geox has become such a key player in the field of private and independent schooling. “I love the tagline, ‘everything starts with a deep breath,’” says Scodellaro. “It’s a fantastic play on our technology, but also that exciting anticipation of starting something new, the new school year, and all the exciting possibilities that come along with that, especially this year. With more of a sense of normalcy, and kids being able to engage with one another again.”

We’re proud to partner with Geox, especially in this year of new beginnings. The company shares the values of our membership—quality, wellness, and trust—and a sense of possibility in the journey ahead. Everything starts with a deep breath.


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