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Reading Disability

It’s discouraging to think that, since the Wizard of Oz was released as a feature film, the foremost image in North Americans’ minds of dwarfism has been the lollipop kids. Comical, childish, awkward, short—it…

Beyond borders

The following is an excerpt from Caring for Women, Changing Lives, a report written for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at McMaster University.  Working Beyond Borders McMaster as a centre for […]

The Chrysalids at 60

(for Patriarch) Sixty years ago this year, John Wyndham published a post-apocalyptic thriller about, well, you know, kids with telepathy. Which sounds funny, because as much as that’s true, the book has resonated […]


(For an online ancillary to the Harbrace Handbook for Canadians, 6th edition. ) Jack Kerouac is said to have written the entire manuscript for his novel On the Road at a single sitting, all improvised around […]

Being Noah Richler

Noah Richler’s blog regarding Jian Ghomeshi’s arrogance is informed, comically, by his own over-arching arrogance. The article is about him, and how he never succumbed. How he’s so above all this kind of […]

House of Horrors

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, October 2014. When we were young, cooties were the height of disgust and fear. Never seen but horrifically imagined, they were the playground equivalent to serial killers. […]

In Our Own Backyard

“The whole world is full of things, and somebody has to look for them.” 
 –Astrid Lindgren, Pippi Longstocking   All the photographs in this book were taken on our property in […]

A Need to Know

(for the McMaster University Department of Pediatrics) The pediatrics department has long been a centre of evidenced-based medicine, being able to demonstrate not only what works, clinically, but also why it works.

Fearing food

Fear of Food: A History of Why We Worry about What We Eat by Harvey Levenstein Chicago Press, 2012 Whenever we talk about food, whether it’s just that or a broader discussion […]

Revisiting the Fold

Carlene Carter, “Carter Girl” Rounder Records (for HVBA) I have an unerring fascination with the Carter Family—or more precisely the Original Carter Family—because everything about their professional lives as musicians (or “musicianers” […]