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A Need to Know

(for the McMaster University Department of Pediatrics) The pediatrics department has long been a centre of evidenced-based medicine, being able to demonstrate not only what works, clinically, but also why it works.

Fearing food

Fear of Food: A History of Why We Worry about What We Eat by Harvey Levenstein Chicago Press, 2012 Whenever we talk about food, whether it’s just that or a broader discussion […]

Revisiting the Fold

Carlene Carter, “Carter Girl” Rounder Records (for HVBA) I have an unerring fascination with the Carter Family—or more precisely the Original Carter Family—because everything about their professional lives as musicians (or “musicianers” […]

Best of 2013

(for KDHX) This has felt like the official year of “well, it’s about time!” recordings. There seemed to be so many albums from really top flight players who haven’t released anything in, […]

Old Time 101

(KDHX) Today we call the kind of music that Rhys Jones, Jeff Miller, and Jim Nelson play “old-time music,” though that wasn’t always ever thus. Prior to the 1920s, it was just […]

Now what?

(McMaster University Department of Pediatrics) As a nation, we’re getting heavier with each passing year, and the health effects of obesity—from depression to heart attacks to some forms of cancer—are on the […]


When I arrived at my mother’s house she was still getting ready. I asked if I could take the things out to the car. There were three boxes of clothes—some of which […]